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defleure team

Olivier Puylaert en Dominique Quintelier, owners and founders of Defleure (Home Collection) have known each other since childhood.

Olivier is definitely not a newbie when it comes to elegant furniture design, as he has been in the furniture wholesale business for several years and familiar with all aspects of the furniture trades industry.

Contact with various cultures and local craftsmen by travelling around the world, partly because of his job as an airline pilot, increased Dominique’s interest in all inherent design styles and fuelled his long-time passion for handmade and elegant furniture design even more.

Their common passion for interior design and refined furniture has prompted them to join forces and to start their own home furnishings company.

The concept of Defleure is to offer high-quality, handmade and elegant contemporary furniture design and home decor accessories.

Discover our range of Italian design furniture. Handmade tailored design means you can customise everything about each piece: sizing, fabrics, materials, finish...


High quality furniture. A natural look and feel that will brighten up any interior.


Signature Pieces for Defleure by Belgian designer Greet Lefèvre.


Unique selected pieces.

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