Contact with various cultures and local craftsmen by travelling around the world, partly because of his job as an airline pilot, increased Dominique’s interest in all inherent design styles and

fuelled his long-time passion for handmade and elegant furniture design even more.

His passion for interior design and refined furniture has prompted Dominique Quintelier to start his own home furnishings company.

The concept of Defleure is to offer high-quality, handmade and elegant contemporary furniture design and home decor accessories.

For quite a long time I have been playing with the idea to create a ‘Belgian Pearls Home Collection’.

The idea of launching my own collection had been growing in my mind for some time, as regularly, readers and followers of my blog, asked me when I would ever put a ‘Belgian Pearls furniture line’ on the market.

Today I am very proud to present you the first labelled ‘Belgian Pearls Home Collection’ furniture pieces, the ‘Mimi Chair’, the ‘August Chair‘, the ‘August Daybed’, the ‘Diane Table’, the ‘Florence Sofa’ and the ‘Camellia Sofa‘.

From time to time I would like to add a new item to my collection, offering you a stylish and high-quality piece of furniture or accessory.

My home collection is available through Belgian trade furniture company Defleure.

I will be very pleased and honoured to see a ‘Belgian Pearls Home Collection’ piece in your home interior and to hear you feel at home with Belgian Pearls!

For a couple of projects, we were asked to develop models according to the client’s wishes. We did not back down from this challenge and started working on the first prototypes. Together with Defleure we came up with different models.

Chateau project

In Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, we integrated the ‘Charlotte’ and the ‘Caroline’ sofa as the mean models in the suites and junior suites. The ‘Charlotte’ and the ‘Caroline’ sofa features a simple design where we could play with all kinds of beautiful fabrics. The ‘Milou’ and the ‘Loane’ where developed for the hotel rooms and the hotel bar. With the ‘Loane’ we applied the swivel function because it was easier to use in the bar. The last model we created was the ‘Maryse’ chair. These chairs were used in the hotel’s private dining rooms. The authentic interior demanded a slightly more classic model that expresses luxury and serenity.

Hotel Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

The ‘Audrey’ one seat is a model where comfort was the key. The armchair is slightly lower and has a comfortable fit with a more classic look.

‘Audrey’ one seat

The ‘Marie Louise’ dining chair and the ‘Rebecca’ wingchair were designed for a chateau project. The chairs had to express richness and elegance, with comfort playing an important role.

The ‘Marie Louise’ and ‘Rebecca’